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You’ve found our ‘about’ page. Great! I guess you’re looking for some more information about the people behind this travel blog? Well, this is the right place to find that info.

Trip Bitten is the escape plan of Miguel and Yvonne. These days he’s doing marketing related work in an office. She went back to school (to study Chinese) after being a teacher for half a decade.

We are an American (Miguel) – Dutch (Yvonne) couple who met each other in Shaoxing, China, a little over 4 years ago. You could say we’ve been together since the day we met. Shortly after we became a couple we went on a backpacking trip through China. After that trip a lot of other trips followed; together we’ve been to Korea, the Philippines, the Netherlands and Thailand.

We’ve been in China for almost 5 years and don’t really have a plan for the future. When people ask how long we’re planning on staying here we answer that we’re not sure. Maybe until we’re tired of China? Or when one of us gets a great job offer.
We don’t plan too far ahead. We take life as it unrolls in front of us.

That doesn’t mean we do not have dreams. Dreams we often discuss on boring Wednesday evenings after work. Dreams we would like to make come true. Dreams about sharing our passion with others, inspiring people and doing what we love most: travel, eat & write.

“May your trips be long and your dinners tasty.”


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    September 7, 2020 at 1:52 pm

    Very interesting. How’s your Chinese proficiency ? Does Miguel also speak Chinese ? How was it to learn Chinese ?

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