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Chinese Chip Challenge!

Chinese Chip Challenge

TripBitten is making videos on YouTube!

So Yvonne and I have been traveling together for over 6 years now and everywhere we go, we make little travel videos. Yvonne has been uploading a lot of her personal travel videos on YouTube and her channel GoYvon is doing well. But, what about TripBitten? Yvonne and I have made many little videos that don’t really work for her channel but are still interesting to watch, which is why we are starting the TripBitten YouTube Channel. We would love for you to subscribe and share your thoughts. We will try to update it regularly, but like this site, it can some times become a little difficult.

With that said….

Chinese Chip Challenge!

So, our first upload is a Chinese chip challenge. We went to the store and bought some crazy flavors, like Lime and Strawberry Corn Chips, and then tried them for your viewing pleasure. You can see our crazy reactions and also watch our blooper video were I make a lot of silly jokes. Leave a comment to let us know what you think and be sure to watch the channel for new videos like this crazy Chinese chip challenge.

What do you want us to try in Beijing?

So, we will try to do one video each weekend about China and traveling and since we live in Beijing, many of the videos will be around the city. If you want us to explore something or try something around Beijing let us know and we will be happy to check it out. Until next time, enjoy!

Chinese Chip Challenge

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