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HotSpot in Beijing: Cheese Home

cheese home

Although the air isn’t always the best, there are parts of Beijing that we truly love. What areas, you ask? The abundance of restaurants, cute little cafes and hipster hotspots. There are always new places to discover and new dishes to eat. One of our latest discoveries is ‘Cheese Home’.

Cheese Home, home to the Beijing cheesecake

Did you think you need to have a reason to eat cake? Think again! Any reason to eat cake is a good reason. And Cheese Home is a great place to do so. The atmosphere is nice, they did a good job on decorating the place, they serve good coffee, but most importantly, the cheesecake is delicious.

cheese home beijing

When I first visited Cheese Home, I was surprised by the size of it. There is seating on the ground floor, there is a very large first floor and there is a rooftop terrace that can be opened. That’s quite a bit of space!
Cheese Home seems to need this amount of space though. When I was there on a weekday afternoon tables were filled with people and people were lining up at the counter to order their coffee and cakes.

A wide Variety of Cheesecake

Except for a few different kinds of bowls with rice that are listed on the menu, cheesecake is the only thing Cheese Home is serving. And if you’re profiling yourself as the place to eat cheesecake, you need to have a large variety of flavors as well as some special flavors. That’s what Cheese Home brings to the table. Besides the regular cheesecake and some with fruit (blueberries, raspberries), they also have durian cheesecake, matcha cheesecake and apple cheesecake.

hotspot in beijing

Inspiring Environment

Cheese Home makes it possible for us to escape from the bustling city life for a while. The busyness of the city can get to me from time to time and at those moments it is nice to know there are places in the city where I can go to wind down, so to say.

To me this HotSpot is inspiring with its earth colors, comfortable seating and many plants and flowers. With the flowers, a map of the world and several posters on the wall I had no problems staying focused to get some work done.

cheese home

Cheese Home as a Place to Work

Although the environment was nice and I managed to get work done while I was sipping on my Iced Latte and enjoying my Raspberry Cheesecake, I did get slightly upset with the WIFI. I realize that this place wasn’t set up as a place for people to come do work, but these days it’s almost impossible for cafes not to offer an internet connection.
Unfortunately the Internet wasn’t very good, which made it a bit harder to be super productive. Other than this detail, I really liked the place and, more importantly, the cheesecake I ate.

hotspot in beijing


You van find Cheese Home at Dongsi Beidajie 257 (东城区东四北大街257号). Take Subway Line 5 to Zhangzizhonglu, exit D and walk down the street for about 150 meters.

Coffees starts at about 30 RMB ($4.65), a slice of cheesecake will cost you about 35 RMB ($5.45).

Unfortunately none of the cheesecakes served are vegan or gluten free.

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