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My awful haircut disaster on the streets of China

This is a story about how Yvonne convinced me to get my haircut on the streets of China. I have been traveling around Asia and the world with Yvonne for the last four years and she is always getting me into trouble and it’s quite awful! If I’m not crashing motorbikes in Laos, my beard is getting chopped of in China, I could continue but I will spare you and myself the horrible memories! Needless to say, I have a hard time saying ‘No’ to Yvonne and Yvonne sometimes has terrible judgement.

My awful haircut disaster on the streets of China

This all started after Yvonne went to the market one day. On the way home, she saw a park where many old men were giving haircuts. She thought this was really interesting and would be fun to try. The only problem was the old barbers were only providing haircuts for men. At this point (I always imagine) a little light bulb went off above her head, because when she got home she told me how she thought it looked really cool and we could make a video for her travel blog. (

I half agreed and thought nothing of it after that short conversation, which was far too enthusiastic in my opinion. So, a few weeks went by and all was quiet… This was the calm before the scissor storm. One unsuspecting day after the first conversation, we needed to do our normal shopping and we headed out to the market. At this point, I am sure you can guess what happened next! ‘Snip, Snip’ goes the clippers!

If you happened to sit through that nightmare than you can see why I don’t like getting my haircut on the streets of China! It took me months of therapy and hair growth to trust barbers in China again. Okay, I didn’t actually need therapy, but it did take about 3-4 weeks to grow my glorious beard back.

I also got Yvonne back by not cutting my hair for a while and taking these awesome photos!

haircut disaster on the streets

haircut disaster on the streets

She got me back by making me wear her hat at one point!

haircut disaster on the streets

Overall, it was a haircut disaster on the streets of China that I hope never to experience again. She was right about it making a good video for her blog. The video has received almost 50,000 views, but now I am always suspicious when she says she has a great idea and I should try it!

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